Final stages of postproduction on “Boxed In”. We have a great poster, logo and a wonderful 30 minute short film.

For those who are interested, I have uploaded a synopsis of the story Boxed In.

My greatest experience working on film has to be so far choreographing the woodland labyrinth sequence in Boxed In. It was spontaneous and utilized the location to its full potential.

My favourite director – this week “David Lynch”.
Watching “Mulholland Drive” is such a marvelous way to lose a day. Gorgeous imagery which leads you into layered nuances, peeling off the sheen of beauty overlying the rotten heart and bitter disappointment of the Hollywood film industry.

The film´s nonlinear narrative has been much discussed and analyzed. Essentially it can be read as an exploration of Diane´s (lead female played by Naomi Watts) mental world, from her sexually abused childhood which ruined her innocence to her frustrated wish fulfilment to become a film star. Her aunt represents her innocence, and the character Rita represents her dark alter ego, the fellow actor Camille. Camille gets the film role which Diane covets, so Diane hires a hitman to kill her.

Diane´s story is essentially a dream about events revolving around a mysterious blue box and key, the macguffin of the tale. When she finds the key to open the blue box this will indicate that Camille has indeed been murdered by the hitman. The dream-film narrative unravels Diane´s guilt, her love of Camille, (as she had a relationship with her), and her subsequent betrayal and revenge.

The wakeful part of the film reveals Diane´s despair when she discovers that Camille has left her for the director of the film; Diane kills herself.

One key scene – which is confusing – is Twinkie´s bar, where Diane meets a man called Dan who was present at the time when she contracted the hitman. The sequence in the bar with Dan and his subsequent discovery of the monster lurking behind the bar (which kills him) represents Diane´s awareness of her guilt. The monster lurking behind Twinkie´s is Diane´s repressed dark side set murderously free.

It is art blended as film synched to perfection. Not your average popcorn fare granted, but this is the stuff which sinks into your subconscious and hooks you on so many levels.

A masterpiece.

Steve Hunyi